The Power of Option: Using a “Change Product” feature to enhance the customer experience while augmenting your upselling strategy

In the ever-competitive field of online retail, your customer experience strategy can make or break your business. Time spent on your web store must be smooth and effortless. In our eBook, we talked a lot about the importance of fluidity throughout your website, ensuring the experience remains top-notch from homepage to check-out; in between, we highlighted the power of categorizations to help customers find what they’re looking for quickly. But what happens once they’ve chosen a product and have embarked down the road of personalization? That should never lead to feeling like they’re stuck with the product choice they made, which could lead one to feel regret and/or resentment towards the website…something online retailers want to avoid at all costs!

change product mugsThe flexibility to change one’s mind, even after starting the editing process, is part of creating an incredible customer experience for your shoppers. It helps your web store achieve the reputation of caring about customers’ needs, no matter where they are in the buying process. This leaves them wanting to come back for more or even to spread the word about your offerings. Mediaclip’s new “Change Product” feature lets you create exactly this feeling. Even if customers have chosen a product and have started making changes in the Designer tool, they can alter their choice at any time during the editing process. For example, if the customer had chosen a white mug at the beginning, but after a few edits feels like a blue one would be better suited for the photos he/she wants to use…he/she can simply click on the “Change Product” option and choose a different color for the mug. Doing so will automatically carry over all of the edits already made on the previous choice of product. The customer doesn’t lose any time and ends up with a product he/she truly wants.

It can be as simple as that, or as complex as choosing a related product that has a different size and format…for example, your customer could change products from a 11oz mug to a travel mug. Thanks to our Smart Design Themes, the theme and photos from the original product will “automagically” readjust to optimize the fit on the new one.

Change Product wasn’t created solely with flexibility for the customer in mind. This feature can also become an important part of your upselling strategy. The options you choose to include within the Change Product capability for any given product can be put towards an effort to further grow your basket of revenues. You can offer customers the option of upgrading their original choices like the finish of their greeting cards or calendars; a larger version or a different edge wrap color of a canvas; a specialty material for the cover of their photobook or making the switch from a regular to a layflat book; and much more.

photobook change product
To be introduced to the full power of the “Change Product” feature and to get insights on proven methods of deploying it as part of your processes, head to Booth 4543 at Print17. Since we’re celebrating our solution’s 10-year anniversary at the show, there’s even a special offer up for grabs (exclusively for booth visitors)! Book time with us into your calendar today.

Even if you’re not at Print17, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your inquiry and request a demo. We look forward to helping your store enhance its customer experience while augmenting your upselling strategy!