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Majority of consumers still buying printed photo products

Photobook1If you’ve attended any industry gatherings over the past few years, you hear grumbling. “No one prints anymore,” says one. “Millennials are all about screens,” says another. “We’re doomed” is the consensus.

While it’s true the industry is far removed from the glory days of silver-halide, there are still high-margin photo products to be made. And a recent consumer research study from Futuresource Consulting shows much many consumers still buy photo products.

The survey, carried out with 4,000 people across the U.K., the United States, France and Germany, explored the … Continue Reading »

Tapping the potential of photo merchandise

A lot of the discussion in the photo industry these days is the challenge of getting consumers to make something from the 1.3 trillion images captured each year. Photofinishers and retailers are excited about the prospect of consumers making photo gift and merchandise, yet there is still questions about the growth rate of the market. According to a recent InfoTrends survey of consumers, the market is still growing slowly. In InfoTrends’ 2014 U.S. Photo Merchandise End-User Survey, about 40 percent of respondents had bought photo-merchandise products in the last year, which is essentially unchanged from the 2013 survey, after … Continue Reading »

See us at DIMA 2015!

Marion Duchesne, president, Mediaclip

Marion Duchesne, president, Mediaclip

Mediaclip executives Marion Duchesne and Marie-Eve Lemieux will present a session at the Digital Imaging Marketing Association (DIMA) on the topic: “New trends in the photo market space are changing the game in the industry. Are you prepared?” Duchesne, who is the CEO, and Lemieux, who is marketing vice-president, will share their expertise and experience covering key new trends in the photo market space. See different merchandising and marketing strategies can help providers connect with and retain their customers and explore … Continue Reading »

Connecting to the digital future in the cloud

Mylio is the latest of many services to connect your photos across devices

Mylio is the latest of many services to connect your photos across devices

The tech news is all about the cloud these days. One of our favorites, Dropbox, added an app called Carousel for viewing images stored on that service. This allows you to view your images on several devices, connected to a shared Dropbox account. While many apps can access Dropbox files through an API, the Carousel app is designed for reference and for … Continue Reading »

Our HMTL5 photo book presentation from Mobile Photo Connect

Philippe Gascon, vice president of Mediaclip, demonstrated our new HTML5 book builder at the Mobile Photo Connect conference in San Francisco, Calif. Mediaclip was many leading imaging companies showing the latest innovations in the mobile photo app market. In the video, Gascon shows how easy it is to quickly create and share a photo book on a tablet.

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Personalized greeting cards are still growing

Holiday cards come in many shapes and sizes

Holiday cards come in many shapes and sizes

Just as holiday cards evolved from the traditional snow-swept scene printed on fine paper to personal photos on 4×8 photo paper, today’s modern photo-printing processes, however, can expand that definition even further. We’ve now seen photo printing and gifting sites now offering holiday greeting cards printed on metal, which is expanding the idea for what photo greeting card can be.

Make no mistake, despite the popularity of JibJab and other electronic greetings, the printed … Continue Reading »

Collaboration as a selling advantage

Access to photos is a key to creating personalized products. The cloud and social media services have made it easier to connect pictures within different contexts, allowing for greater sharing and for greater utilization of photos. A beautiful sunset picture of a seaside cottage can be used as a Facebook cover image, a canvas print or a greeting card, all from the same ordering platform. It’s this sharing of data that makes for the next frontier of photo enablement: collaboration.

Earlier this year, Photizo Group analyst Larry Jamieson observed the … Continue Reading »

See you at Mobile Photo Connect

Mobile-Photo-Connect-logo-outline-with-artboxIf there’s one thing we like to do at Mediaclip, it’s show off our latest software. You’ll get the chance to see our latest at the Mobile Photo Connect conference, the leading forum where entrepreneurs, investors and senior executives gather to discuss the key technology and business issues driving the surge in mobile imaging and visual communication. The event is Oct. 15 at Fort Mason in San Francisco, Calif.

Philippe Gascon will again be at Mobile Photo ConnectContinue Reading »

Planning ahead for the holiday selling season

With vibrant autumn colors and cool weather activities like college football games, the fall season has become one of the best picture-taking opportunities. This is is also the beginning for push for the holiday selling season and, for many retailers, their first real “mobile” shopping season.

As with many industries, the photo and photo-gifting segments make the majority of their revenue in the fourth quarter. With so much activity crushed into such a short time period, however, it’s important to plan ahead to ensure marketing efforts and production capacity are aligned for peak periods.

According to, shoppers are already looking … Continue Reading »