Smartphone photographers study highlights monetization opportunities and challenges for photo app developers

Have you ordered photo products?

Have you ordered photo products?

The market is still early for mobile photo apps and monetization opportunities, according to the new Photo Output Product Survey Among Mobile Photographers, a study conducted by mobile photography research firm Suite 48 Analytics. The wide adoption of photo apps by more demographic groups mean greater opportunities, even though mosts apps are still relatively new., says Hans Hartman, president of Suite 48 Analytics and principal author of the report.

Most photo product apps haven’t been around for much … Continue Reading »

Smartphone photographers embrace photo output products: major market ready to be tapped

Ordered photo products prior to order with smartphone photos?

Ordered photo products prior to order with smartphone photos?

More than half of smartphone photographers now have experience with ordering photo output products, according to the new Photo Output Product Survey Among Mobile Photographers, a study from Suite 48 Analytics, a leading mobile photography research firm.

To some extent, the inclusion of smartphone photos in consumers’ digital photo product orders reflects the changing demographics of smartphone photographers, according to Hans Hartman, president of Suite 48 Analytics.

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Dscoop9 attendees test-drive Mediaclip™ HTML5 photobook

Mediaclip HTML5Mediaclip recently returned from the Dscoop9 conference in at the Gaylord Palms Convention Center, Orlando, Fla.

“As we prepare our HTML5 photobook solution for public release, we were encouraged by the response from the Dscoop conference attendees,” says Marion Duchesne, CEO. “The top features included our open architecture, cross- and up-selling opportunities, robust visual selling, and social-media sharing. Customer feedback from such knowledgeable executives as the Dscoop attendees is invaluable to us.”

Mediaclip™ adopted the agile development process when beginning the transition from Flash to HTML5. This methodology is based on … Continue Reading »

Look for Mediaclip at Dscoop9

Photobook1The Mediaclip team will be at Dscoop9 in Orlando, Fla., showing the best in cross-platform photobook creation at booth # 737. See first-hand the latest in cross-platform personalized photo product creation.

We’re also excited to see Dscoop sessions like this preview from Scott Stratten.

Futuresource: Western Europe photo merchandise market to reach €618 this year

GreetingCard-01The Western European Photo-Merchandise market is on track to reach a retail value of €618 million in 2014, up from an expected €578 million in 2013, according to the latest photo-merchandise research from Futuresource Consulting.

“Fuelled by photo-cards, canvases and calendars and potentially evolving ‘hot’ single image gift sectors, the photo-merchandise market is forecast to grow by 4% CAGR between 2012 and 2017, to reach nearly €657 million in 2017,” says Jeremy Wills, Senior Market Analyst at Futuresource Consulting.

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Mediaclip agile strategy is paying off according to customers’ reaction to its HTML5 photobook


Mediaclip is a cross-platform powerhouse!

Mediaclip is a cross-platform powerhouse!

Mediaclip Inc. presented the upcoming HTML5 photobook during PMA@CES in Las Vegas, Nev. Customers and partners responded positively to the new version.

“The user experience has always a key element of Mediaclip™ software suite,” says Michel Lacaille, marketing director, Les Pros de la Photo, Canada’s premier photo services company. “As they retool for an increasingly mobile world centered on HTML5, they demonstrated to us again they still have their ‘users first’ prominence. Their HTML5 based … Continue Reading »

Get out of the box and fight seasonality

CreaturPlateNow that the holiday season is long past, the printing industry is looking at ways to generate revenue during the remaining nine months of the year. Even if seasonal promotions for Valentine’s Day or Easter have appeal, retailers and printers still need to turn to more innovative year-round products like plates and other home-decor accessories like those provided by Sandy Casey, the founder of CreateURPlate. (Interested in working with Sandy? Email her at

One day, Casey realized she loved having special occasion dining ware but her cabinets were full. … Continue Reading »

Using customer data to improve the shopping experience

Today's consumers are sophisticated buyers.

Looking at buying behavior can boost sales

Every business is constantly on the prowl for new business opportunities and customers. There are many prospecting tactics to do this, including subscribing to mailing lists and attending events, seminars and trade shows.

Another effective method of boosting sales is to market more effectively to your current customer base. Today’s marketers are awash with data from their own websites, but often lack the time or the tools to make use of this data. Here are some tips to improve … Continue Reading »

Looking beyond holiday sales

Mediaclip offers a seamless experience across different platforms.

Mediaclip offers a seamless experience across different platforms.

Now that the dust has settled on the holiday shopping season, planning begins in earnest for building a year-round photo-personalization. Consumers are taking pictures all the time, which means the opportunity for monetizing images are just as prevalent.

We’ve found many photo retailers still build their print promotions around the tried-and-true photo-taking events, like holidays, birthdays and vacations. But the reality is, with the influx of socially-driven photos, every moment can be an opportunity for … Continue Reading »

What trends worked for 2013 and what didn’t

Enjoying each other's company

Collaboration improves the photo gift creation experience

The year 2013 wasn’t an easy one for business, by any means. Venerable brands like Blackberry and Nokia struggled, while upstarts like Snapchat grabbed headlines. In the camera sector, sales of compacts dropped 30 percent worldwide as the mobile photo revolution continues to disrupt photography. We can have many discussions about the merits of smartphone cameras compared to “real” digital cameras, but the important thing to remember is the everyday snapshooter (and even some pros and photojournalists) are choosing … Continue Reading »