Mobile photo solutions for the 21st century

Marie-Eve Lemieux
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Photography has been around for a long time. Since the 1820s to now, capturing images with light went from a very technical, expensive and specialized activity to an every day activity.

Photography has always been mobile, too. Even during the Civil War in America, Mathew Brady traveled the battlefields with a wagon filled with chemicals, plates and all the paraphernalia necessary to make pictures on glass plates. Move ahead one-hundred years, and rolls of film documented the lives of Baby Boomers.

Today’s digital technology, however, vastly improves one aspect of photography: Sharing. With a press of a button or the swipe of a finger, pictures can go global with astonishing speed. Smartphones have gone a step further, adding creativity and fun to the picture-taking experience with thousands of photo apps. There’s no need to upload pictures to a laptop computer anymore; there are wonderful image-enhancement  apps to crop, to edit or to add text and filters. All on a revolutionary small device in your hand!

Mediaclip capitalizes on this revolution by providing a seamless, fun way to create long-lasting personalized photos products. We are about taking the technology concerns out of adding personalized photo products to mobile apps, and providing a great experience for your customers. Mobile users are just that: Active, mobile and engaged. Each time they run into a roadblock on a website – like a missing plugin – this is a missed sales opportunity. Making a photo gift or personalized item shouldn’t require the user to learn a new interface, once they are in a photo app. Printing and sharing should be natural parts of the mobile photo experience.

Because Mediaclip is completely customizable, including allowing our customers to use their own templates and manage their inventory, photo apps can offer personalized products as a natural extension of their brand. If there’s a great image-editing app, why stop with just Facebook sharing when, once perfected, those images could look great on a card, on a canvas or any type of object like phone cases, T-shirt or mug. Together, we can turn this everyday activity of picture taking and sharing into an every-day activity of picture printing and gifting.