Product Personalization: A fading trend or a long-term strategy? (Whitepaper)

Has your online store jumped on the personalized products bandwagon yet? Let’s face it, personalization is in every facet of the retail world, especially online. If we look at product personalization specifically, Deloitte research found that at least 1-in-3 consumers want the ability to personalize their products, and this number is on the rise with Millennials coming into their prime purchasing years.

Many businesses are taken aback by the fact that adding product personalization to their offering requires some investment for setup. However, it is important to note the tremendous opportunity behind the investment – offering customization is known to bring a high rate of ROI by significantly boosting sales and reducing the overhead costs of warehouse space/inventory. But these are not the only motives of offering product personalization.

This whitepaper digs deeper into the top benefits of offering product personalization as well as some of the trends that are driving this ever-evolving market. Readers can expect to gain valuable insight on:

  • How personalization, in general, plays a large role in eCommerce success today
  • How product personalization is proven to drive sales, solidify customer loyalty, promote brand awareness, and provide a competitive edge
  • How some of the largest brands in the world have implemented product personalization, and it has contributed to their business’ growth
  • Why today’s consumers demand a personalized shopping experience complete with the option to customize products to match their lifestyle/personality
  • How Mediaclip can help your business tap into the multi-billion-dollar personalization market and unlock new revenue streams


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