Wedding season brings opportunities to diversify product offerings and maximize sales

As we approach the warmer months, a.k.a. the wedding season, we can’t help but notice the predominant trends hitting the alters (and everything surrounding them). According to a survey by Bridebox, 61% of participants opt for DIY weddings in order to save money.(1) It’s no wonder then that with DIY on the rise, weddings are becoming more and more personalized with every passing year; even companies like Coca-Cola and M&Ms have noticed this growing tendency and have dedicated sections of their website to serve weddings specifically. Of course, businesses offering personalized cards can expect a spike in orders over the next few months as brides, grooms and their families work tirelessly to create save-the-date cards, invitations, seating cards, and thank-you notes for the big day. But how do you attract them to create these personalized items using your website when countless other online retailers also offer the same services? By providing all the products needed to perfectly complement a wedding theme, from the first card guests receive to the parting gift they leave with, you can become every bride and groom’s trusted web store for a hassle-free, all-in-one DIY personalization frenzy.

Personalized jar labelThis year, personalization takes a slightly different shape in regards to gifts for attending guests. Couples are opting for inviting fewer guests and creating a highly unique and memorable experience for these attendees. With this emerges a new trend for a ‘Gifting Lounge.’ Gone are the days of the token one-size-fits-all gift for guests, it seems. As Etsy explains it, a Gifting Lounge works like this: “Upon arrival at the couple’s hotel, a welcome party, or even the reception itself, guests can grab a personalized tote or other container and help themselves to a curated spread of memorable goodies.”(2) It makes the guests’ experience more personalized, and they leave with things they actually want. This smorgasbord of gifts for guests presents a great opportunity to diversify your product offering and provide customizable gifts and/or gift packaging that can easily fit into the wedding’s theme and even match the invites, seating cards, and thank-you notes to a tee.

Mediaclip can help you turn your store into the one-stop-shop for everything wedding related. Not only does it allow your customers to personalize all the necessary cards and stationary for the wedding, but can also enable you to offer countless gifting products, textile products, labels, and even multi-surface packaging with the same themes as the paper products very easily. With its flexible nature, you can configure the solution to print on any type of product under the sun. What’s more, with it’s JavaScript ‘Smart Designs’ capabilities, one product’s design/theme can be effortlessly translated to work on any other product, without having to recreate it. This infinitely reduces the time and effort needed from your internal design teams, yet permits your business to offer an array of products that are ready to be cross-sold.

To fully embrace this trend, you can create a specific category on your website that groups all wedding related items together, making it incredibly easy for your shoppers to find what they need (and be introduced to items they didn’t think they needed, but now must have!). Within this dedicated section, you can also use merchandising tactics such as special bundling promotions that encourage the sales of several items together. Furthermore, your social media campaigns can echo this promotion by encouraging customers to share their ideas as part of a contest or you create an annual wall of fame with the most innovative concepts. These activities will drive more organic traffic to your site, raising the potential of further sales exponentially.

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