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Women in Technology: Celebrating Those Who Dare to Break Barriers

March 8, 2023  Amani Sharma

Historically the technology industry was male-dominated, however, the tides are changing with more and more women rising through the ranks and becoming leaders in the space. These women-led tech companies have proven to be powerful and successful, and they offer unique strengths that are worth celebrating and exploring, especially on International Women’s Day.

Proud women-led organization

Mediaclip is proud to be a women-led organization. With CEO Marion Duchesne at the helm, the company has carved a unique reputation within the industry to bring a diverse perspective, a collaborative and inclusive culture, a focus on social responsibility, an ethos of resilience and determination, and an inspiring success story for young female leaders who #DareToBe.

Fifteen years ago, Marion launched Mediaclip during her maternity leave, shortly after her second child was born. Amidst her duties as a mother, an exciting new eCommerce environment was launching where consumers were looking for personalized products. She dared to break the mold of societal expectations of women with a young child and embarked on the exciting journey of compiling an exemplary team to develop cutting-edge online product personalization solutions that adapt to the evolving needs of the market and its consumers.

Motivating excellence through compassion

Marion’s commitment to her team is her most motivating quality – she continually inspires and advocates for equitable action to drive inclusion and belonging. Within her organization, Marion has created a culture that thrives on work-life balance. Understanding (and having lived) a myriad of factors that can hinder a woman’s career progression, her full support for flexible work practices and continued education has spearheaded Mediaclip’s success in employee satisfaction, retention, and recruitment efforts. This has earned the organization the merit of being a Great Place to Work, as it truly strives to #EmbraceEquity and provides skill advancement opportunities to a team of equally passionate people.

Inspiring the next generation of Women in Technology

Working in the tech space means being at the forefront of innovation, where creativity meets a necessity to answer pain points in your market. The talents needed for success in technology are unbiased, and the innovations that await discovery show no favors toward any specific gender, orientation, or cultural background; technology development is a blank canvas for anyone to draw on. Thus, beyond her work at Mediaclip, Marion is also a steadfast advocate for equal opportunity for young women to have access to career paths in technology. She actively dedicates her personal time and resources to encourage more young female graduates to pursue careers in STEM fields through bursaries and mentorship programs.

On this International Women’s Day, Marion Duchesne is a shining example of a woman who has made a significant impact in her field and who continues to inspire others to pursue their dreams. Her unique perceptions, unwavering dedication, and hard work have made her a valuable asset to Mediaclip’s growth, as well as a source of encouragement for women in technology in her community and industry.  And as more women enter the technology industry and take on leadership roles, we can expect to see even greater innovation, creativity, and success.