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What makes a best in class personalization solution?

June 15, 2022  Atelier Made

Today’s consumers are increasingly shopping online and are expecting personalized interactions. If you’re considering continuously growing and evolving your photo business, you are probably thinking of adding product personalization to your offering. Indeed, we’ve covered in previous episodes that product personalization is a long-term strategy worth investing in and offers many opportunities. Nonetheless, to offer product personalization on your online store, choosing the right solutions for your business is paramount in order to fully tap into the multi-billion dollar personalized merchandise market. Let’s look at what’s considered the best product personalization solution by leading players in the photo industry.

Within the product personalization market, there are different kinds of solutions, and each one doesn’t answer the needs of your clients in the same way. For a start, there’s an influx of low-cost apps and sites which are resulting in lower quality product selections that miss a large piece of consumer demands. In an increasingly competitive market, you’ll need to differentiate yourself; to achieve this, you will want to look for a software solution that allows you to create and sell any type of product, offers an intuitive customer-facing online tool, and enables you to drive profits through powerful merchandising capabilities.

To succeed in the product personalization market, you need to set up a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that will allow your company to stand out from its competitors. By writing its USP, the brand exposes the added value of its product and positions it on a specific customer benefit.

USPs must be created in such a way that the product or service in question is clearly differentiated from the competition’s offerings on the market. They are the decisive criterion for the purchase decision and help to trigger the act of purchase, as long as they are adapted to the target group.

Your USP explains exactly why your product or service is better than your competitors’.

A well-developed USP can contribute to the success of your company in several ways:

  • It will set you apart from your competitors
  • Strengthen your customers’ loyalty
  • Make it easier to sell your product or service
  • And increase your sales

Thankfully, to grasp the specifications of the top product personalization solution, we have the perfect content. Replay our Q&A webinar with Andre Loiselle, Mediaclip’s Partnerships Manager, as he uncovers the many possibilities of working with Mediaclip to take advantage of healthy personalized merchandise market.

To watch the full webinar on the subject, click here. Also, you can retrieve the webinar slides here.