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What We Believe In

  • Transparency

    Trust, clarity, performance expectations definition

  • Professionalism

    Partnership, value creation

  • Integrity

    Trust, cohesion, doing what's right

  • Teamwork

    Responsibility, ownership, respect, inclusion

  • Drive for Success

    Performance, results, exceeding expectations, performance

  • Mindfulness, Well-being

    Enjoyment, respect, teamwork

Our Short Story

In 2005, while she was pregnant, Marion faced various frustrations. She wanted to print her memories on products, but nothing met her expectations. To address these needs, she founded this company with the help of her friends and family.

Mediaclip introduced the necessary technology to simplify the product customization process, from creative design to print management and its associated e-commerce integration. So that you, too, can easily access the creation of memories.

We are recognized worldwide for our leadership in online photo customization software, and our efforts are driven by technological advancements as perceived by our consumers.

Employee breakdown

Backend (C#, Cloud)


Frontend (TypeScript, Angular, CSS/HTML)




Our team

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Technologies and Tools

  • Redis

  • RabbitMQ

  • C#

  • Azure SQL Database


  • .NET

  • Webpack

  • TypeScript

  • Angular

  • Kubernetes

  • Git

  • Docker

  • Azure Devops

  • Azure

  • Azure Cosmos DB

  • SpecFlow

  • Selenium

  • NUnit

  • JIRA

  • WebStorm

  • Jetbrains Rider

  • Application Insights

Organizations and methodologies

We’re Agile at heart, in organization, and in our daily operations. We adhere to the Scrum framework and continuously seek improvement and efficiency. Pair programming, testing, honest retrospectives, active team participation in planning, having a dedicated Product Owner – we’ve been fine-tuning these practices for years, and we’re proud of our agile culture. Our organization is mostly flat, so there’s no complicated politics or hierarchies. We all bring our expertise to the table, and it’s through collaboration that we build something extraordinary.

Technological projects and challenges: Mediaclip Hub

Mediaclip Hub is a SaaS product in Azure that integrates the functionalities of our customization software using RESTful APIs. It’s a system capable of handling very high volumes of photo uploads, real-time graphic compositions, integration with multiple systems, and more. We leverage cutting-edge technologies like Kubernetes, Cosmos DB, Azure Storage, Defender, App Gateway, Key Vault, and more. We follow a microservices approach with extensive test coverage, enabling us to confidently deploy multiple times a day as needed.


Technological projects and challenges: Mediaclip Designer

Mediaclip Designer is a client application developed using the latest version of Angular. It allows users to create photo products such as frames, photo books, greeting cards, calendars, and any other products our customers want to create. Users can add and move photos, text, decorations, borders, filters, and create collages with alignment and layout tools. Since the application operates on mobile devices, we have a responsive design and features tailored for different browsers and devices. Our customers can configure both the content and the application itself to seamlessly integrate it into their websites.


We're quite proud of these accomplishments!

These commitments truly reflect who we are.

Mediaclip Receives 2023 Best Workplaces For All™ Award!

Mediaclip was invited to the Best Workplaces Canada awards gala in Toronto on April 13, 2023. After our first year of being certified as a Great Place To Work®, we ranked 31st in all of Canada as a better workplace in the category of 50 employees or fewer. But that’s not all—Mediaclip was also recognized as one of the best workplaces for women in Canada, considering that this category makes up the majority of Canadian employers. It’s a great honor to be recognized and to be among the best of the best.

Mediaclip. The only ISO 27001:2022 Information Security Management Certified Software Platform for Product Personalization & Customization.

By undergoing the rigorous ISO 27001:2022 certification process, Mediaclip demonstrates its commitment to reducing risks, safeguarding data and ongoing processes, and expanding its security procedures.

ISO/IEC 27001 certification is the world’s best-known standard for information security management systems (ISMS).

DISCOVER Mediaclip ISO 27001  certification,

Fées Marraines

This organization’s mission is to promote social inclusion, self-realization, and academic perseverance among 5th-grade girls from vulnerable backgrounds in the Greater Montreal area. They provide these girls with a complete prom outfit for free, as well as the opportunity to obtain post-secondary education scholarships.


The Movember movement has been around since 2003, with a mission to raise awareness about men’s health, from cancers to mental health to suicide prevention. It aims to help men live happier, healthier, and longer lives. Mediaclip is no stranger to cancer and mental health causes, having participated in various activities over the years to support our families, friends, team members, and community members affected by these diseases.

Women Who Code

Women Who Code (WWCode) is an international nonprofit organization that provides services to women pursuing careers in technology and offers a job board for companies seeking coding professionals. The organization aims to pave the way for women in the tech world by assessing and helping women develop technical skills.