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Personalized Christmas ornaments: A winning holiday product to feature on your eCommerce with Mediaclip

October 25, 2022  Amani Sharma

Part of many families' Christmas tradition is decorating together – unveiling and displaying precious objects and ornaments that may have been passed down for generations. Christmas is also a time to make new memories and add to traditions as families grow. It could be the perfect opportunity to add new decorations to the family holiday collection that signify important events that occurred or to welcome new family members who joined over the year.

What could be better than updating your eCommerce with new decoration options that will excite and entice your customers? When your eCommerce has Mediaclip Product Personalization Solution integrated into its ecosystem, offering a wide range of customizable products including Christmas ornaments and other personalized gifts becomes a cinch. Delight your customers with the ability to give the perfect gift to every loved one over the holiday season!

The Christmas tree is often a central attraction during holiday festivities. It can help create an atmosphere that reflects the family's personality and be full of emotion and memories. Because of this, a personalized Christmas ornament is a touching gift that holds its popularity every season. Besides photos, sweet messages on Christmas decorations are also a popular option.

The ideal time to promote Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Google Trends gives us some insight into the popularity of searches for personalized Christmas Ornaments. Historically, Google's data shows that the terms "personalized Christmas ornaments" or "customized Christmas ornament" arise during the last week of November and the first week of December, with the former phrase being a lot more common. The leading regions looking for personalized ornaments are The UK, USA, and Canada. 

Doing targeted regional ads through various media starting after Cyber Monday could prove to bring a lot of traffic to your site. Of course, you'll need to consider production time and delivery time to ensure timely completion when planning your promotion. Make sure to CLEARLY communicate this in the ordering process and give an order submission cutoff date to guarantee delivery for Christmas.

Once they're on your site, of course, utilize your merchandising tactics to capture a larger basket of revenue per client. Mediaclip offers powerful options here as well as to invite your customers to treat themselves and their loved ones to even more personalized products!

The Versatility of Christmas Ornaments as Gifts

Personalized Christmas ornaments are not only a family favorite, but are also popular promotional gift items. These prove to be a great way for organizations looking to make connections with their customers, prospects, or donors as they offer a lasting impression.

Schools, churches, etc. often carry out fundraisers before the holidays as well – teaming with these establishments to offer customizable ornaments and other gifts to their communities is a great way to help them reach fundraising goals, show your commitment to your community (important for many shoppers today to gain their trust), as well as to gain a new avenue that reaches fresh clientele for your business. An ornament with the school's logo is often a cherished item for students and their families, displaying their school pride and the memories of experiences/friendships from the time on trees for many years to come.

And who can forget holiday weddings...they're two events that share the magic of love, family, and tradition. That's why ornaments are extremely popular as wedding favors that encompass these feelings with all event guests year after year on their trees.

Let your customers' creativity speak for themselves

Offer your customers a unique possibility to personalize their Christmas ornaments by making them much more personal and to their taste. With Mediaclip's technology, your eCommerce can offer various types of ornaments, from glass to ceramic, metal, or wood thanks to our vast network of Fulfillers (printers & manufacturers) and the solution's ability to support any printable surface. The solution also offers curated themes and designs out-of-the-box and includes Design extensions to enable your team to create your own unique designs that set your store apart. 

In addition to ornaments, give your customers the option to personalize other giftable items over the holidays like calendars , photobooks, wall art, pet products, clothing & accessories, and so much more. Today's shoppers enjoy endless possibilities. So give them more possibilities that'll not only fuel this year's gifting agenda but inspire gift planning throughout the year for other occasions!

Because we know that the holiday season is one of the most important for businesses, put all the chances on your side by adopting our online product personalization software and enrich your customers' Christmas.