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Mediaclip Hub

Our hosted solution

Mediaclip Hub comes with built-in photo upload, storage, project management and save and render, as well as free automatic updates of the latest features and functionality. Its open integration ends allow you to link the ordering process to your existing print partners, to ours or to both.

Flexible shopping experience

Flexible shopping experience

Maintain full control of your shopping experience, user data and marketing strategy to fully support your unique business model.

Seamless integration

Seamless integration

Integration with any eCommerce platform, including industry heavyweights like Magento™ Shopify™ and WooCommerce™.

Low total cost of ownership

Low total cost of ownership

Eliminate the time and costs associated with activities associated with in-house hosting solutions, including server purchase/maintenance and IT expertise.

Security and reliability

Safety and reliability

Keep control of all your sensitive data and enjoy 99.7% uptime, even during peak periods.

Rapid deployment


Get full technical integration into your eCommmerce environment quickly. Option to use integration applications for quick connection to all platforms; no programming knowledge required.

Free automatic updates

Automatic updates free of charge

You always have the latest version of the software suite, without having to spend time or resources installing updates.

Mediaclip HUB includes Mediaclip ™ Product Designer

This design authoring tool features a simple, intuitive graphical interface to convert product personalization into a fun, fast and enjoyable experience for your consumers.

  • Deliver an immersive shopping experience with cutting-edge adaptive technology developed with users’ needs in mind.
  • Customize the interface to match your brand image. Enable or disable features based on your customers’ shopping behavior.
  • Flexibly integrate with your eCommerce and order processing procedures.
  • Increases sales with integrated merchandising and shopping cart features that build brand awareness, drive conversions and traffic, and increase customer satisfaction.
Interface conviviale

Resource library. Predefined products, premium templates and more

Mediaclip library features an extensive collection of predefined products and premium templates to immediately initiate customized solutions for your personalized product portfolio.

  • Use these assets as is or conveniently alter the settings to fit your product offerings.
  • Shrink time-to-market after roll-out to drive revenues and offer personalized goods.


Design and Management Tools

These design and management authoring tools are intended for your creative collaborators. They allow them to create, manage and deploy unique content for your customers to appreciate.

  • The Mediaclip Photoshop® and InDesign extensions will allows your team to generate themes and new product previews for your component media library.
  • Mediaclip CMS makes it easy to manage content, edit, test and organize products/themes to use with Mediaclip™ Product Designer.

Administration Console

This platform allows you to easily configure your store and track orders that have been processed through the Mediaclip Product Designer.

  • Get a graphical summary of the projects created versus the projects completed on a daily basis (over the last 14 days).
  • Access orders and projects details, such as errors and warnings, so you can quickly troubleshoot any difficulties.
  • Connect and manage external tools such as photo assets or image filters.
  • Customize product designer attributes to create a tailored experience for your customers.

There are many other features waiting for you.
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