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AI Revolution in the Product Personalization Business: Opportunities and Challenges Ahead

March 31, 2023  Michel Lacaille

AI is a revolution in intelligence. We are all being marked by it! But will customers and consumers find it easy to use? Will it make sense? How will it alter the business model for personalized products?

To preface, since it first launched its product personalization platform more than 15 years ago, Mediaclip has closely followed and adjusted its platform to the emergence of numerous information technology software changes (from device platforms, Flash to HTML5, multiple trends, and syntax changes to coding), as well as cybersecurity development and, last but not least, significant business technology challenges and reviews (COVID, online retail changes, trade merchandising and more..). Although drastic, the AI revolution is not overwhelming.

Moving forward, artificial intelligence is upending not only technology platforms but also the conventional retail business model from retail merchandising to online e-commerce. AI advancements imply that business owners like Mediaclip and its clients are looking for fresh approaches and techniques to complement our platform for an AI-integrated product customization process to develop new revenue streams and provide better service to our customers . The key question today is "how will AI technology better serve clients' and customers' creative impetus?"

What other ways can we generate income besides enhancing our software technology platform using AI and machine learning ? How can money be made with AI as a background? What more revenue sources are possible? How can we simplify the needs of consumers while providing better value? To do this, we must consider, research, and test fresh new possibilities. Do we integrate our current "freemium" oriented creative production side into a "premium" with AI access open architectural environment, utilizing some of its diversified creative possibilities? Or, does it open up new markets where a larger base of customers/clients have a straightforward fulfillment link between their AI Image Generated creativity and your branded retail production facilities?

When reviewing and analyzing AI for Mediaclip Product Personalization Platforms, the biggest theme is that "the opportunities are tremendous, for retailers, fulfillers, and consumers, but we have to get it right and it must do justice f or our customer's processes and bottom line .”

For Mediaclip, as we stand in March 2023, we can disclose that some of the technical opportunities for integrating AI and Machine Learning algorithms are already in place. They are assisting our platform in producing higher-quality products. Some of the AI processes that have been integrated have already simplified many of our routines, and more improvements are on the way.

We envision a collaboration and partnership with AI-integrated firms, shifting and opening opportunities for retailers and partners. These opportunities must still be validated, priced, and, in many cases, analyzed (if not challenged) in order to comply with today's cybersecurity protocols and to reflect actual consumer and client needs.

AI is a revolution in computing intelligence. What impact will it have on our and your Personalization Business Model? The data is currently being evaluated. The current response is, "It's still not Future Ready... but it's getting there." We'll be back 😊 with more.