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It's more than flexibility; it's freedom!

Our company is located in the heart of Montreal, but we firmly believe that an employee at the top of their game can work from anywhere in the world.

We believe in self-managed schedules to balance work and family as well as work and passion. We offer an environment focused on quality of life, freedom, and the desire to achieve both professionally and personally.

At Mediaclip, employees are united by a clear vision and a product that offers proven competitive advantages and immense market potential.
In rapid growth and always aligned with its vision of democratizing product personalization, Mediaclip is recruiting new talents who are self-driven, enjoy collaborative work, demonstrate initiative, possess strong learning abilities, and have a passion for taking on challenges.

Mediaclip Receives 2023 Best Workplaces For All™ Award!

Mediaclip was invited to the Best Workplaces Canada awards gala in Toronto on April 13, 2023. After our first year of being certified as a Great Place To Work®, we secured the 31st place across all of Canada for being a better workplace in the category of 50 employees or less. But that's not all; Mediaclip was also recognized as one of the best workplaces managed by women in Canada.

Considering that this category makes up the largest portion of Canadian employers, it's a great honor to be acknowledged and to be among the best of the best.


Competitive benefits

Career Development

We understand that the growth of Mediaclip goes hand in hand with the growth of our employees! We strongly encourage training and development, whether it's through peer learning or external programs. As we are in a period of growth, it's not uncommon for new positions to be created, and we strive to promote internal mobility whenever possible.

Regarding salary progression, we offer annual raises tied to performance indicators, but not exclusively. Mediaclip has proven to be an employer of choice by adjusting salaries to market standards on multiple occasions, without waiting for the annual evaluation period.

  • Remote work

    At Mediaclip, we didn't wait for the Covid pandemic to make remote work part of our DNA. Whether you work from home, the office, a café, or a beach—it's up to you, as long as you have WIFI.

  • Group insurance

    For the well-being of everyone, Mediaclip offers comprehensive group insurance coverage, with 60% of the costs covered by the employer.

  • Time flies

    As time is our most precious resource, Mediaclip adds extra days off. During Easter, we don't have to choose between Monday and Friday—both are holidays! And we offer time off during the year-end holidays and on your birthday.

  • Summer Hours

    In July and August, it's time to enjoy it! That's why Friday afternoons are given off to employees.

  • Mediaclip Chalet

    Quebec is best experienced by the lakeside and close to the woods! That's why Mediaclip has acquired a beautiful chalet where employees can come to work remotely or spend a weekend.

  • Physical activity

    In addition to the activities organized throughout the year, Mediaclip reimburses $250 each year for your physical activities.

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Meet Geneviève Renaud - Director of Talent and Culture

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Meet the Team

Much more than just a team

Mediaclip team is always in continuous improvement mode! We conduct unit and functional tests that we maintain, deploy to production daily, run one-week sprints (yes, you read that right!), and have a sincere desire to be efficient and do things well, all while keeping our technical debt at zero (or close to it). The field is interesting and unique; we develop a SaaS that enables the creation of personalized products (photo books, greeting cards, calendars, decorations, gifts, and more). So, we integrate with multiple e-commerce solutions, handle terabytes of uploads, real-time photorealistic rendering, develop flexible APIs in Azure cloud, and create rich and enjoyable client applications.

The company

Flexibility and fun are our winning equation

Whether you're in the office or working remotely, at Mediaclip, flexibility is one of our superpowers because we understand how crucial the balance between work and personal life is.

But here at Mediaclip, work always comes with a generous dose of fun! From impromptu team picnics to organized outings and birthday celebrations, we love building strong bonds within our team.

Causes close to our hearts

At Mediaclip, we take pride in contributing to causes that are close to our hearts! There's nothing more rewarding than giving back to our community and supporting initiatives that truly make a difference.

  • Fées Marraines

  • Movember

  • Women Who Code


Recruitment Process

Throughout your journey, we have established steps that will allow us to assess each other mutually (not judge each other!).
  1. 1

    15-20 min Call/Video: We introduce ourselves, discuss the role, and answer your questions.

  2. 2

    "No BS Test": A few technical questions to validate certain knowledge areas (20 min).

  3. 3

    Video/Meeting with your future manager and a team member: The goal is to ensure that your DNA aligns with Mediaclip's culture. We also validate certain technical knowledge (45 to 80 min).

  4. 4

    Technical Test (60 to 90 min).

  5. 5

    Welcome aboard!