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Home Decor and Wall Art Business Trends for 2023

May 22, 2023  Amani Sharma
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The interior decor print market is changing as consumers look to improve and personalize the aesthetics of their homes and in many cases their workplaces. People want to create a unique space of their own.

Home Decor

As a print provider, online interior designer, or photo retailer, how can you stand out and respond to this opportunity and how important can it be for your profitability to participate in the Wall Art and Home Decoration product category?

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Wall Art is that personal finishing element that pulls a living space together and makes it feel complete. It changes a living space from being only functional to setting the space apart. In a home space devoid of art and prints, the walls can feel cold and bleak. Large or small, prints, frames, and canvases artwork alone or as part of a home gallery wall provides warmth and richness and makes it feel personal.

Today's Photo and Commercial printers offer a diverse range of products to fulfill the creative customer's demand. Wall Art and Home Decor products such as canvas, poster prints, metal, wood and acrylic prints, framed photos, and even digital wallpaper, represent 68% of the products made and used for Wall Art and Home Deco. 

The Interior Design marketplace

interior design market

The Interior Design marketplace is growing rapidly, with a projected value of 898.3 billion US dollars by 2027. This presents an opportunity for businesses to capitalize on the progression of this product category and generate more revenue and higher margins. High-tech advances are also contributing to the growth of not only the revenue base but also the margins realized, making it even more profitable for businesses to participate in the Interior Design Wall Art and Home Decoration product category.

Big Picture Magazine and Keypoint Intelligence conducted a survey, US Printers only, to assess digital printing opportunities for the home décor print market. The survey showed that the home décor personalization market offers an expanding scene to launch and propose a wide range of product and display technologies. Their research showed that commercial labs and photo lab printers currently producing Wall Art and Home Decoration products plan to purchase new digital equipment.

The four most widespread decorating applications offered and digitally printed are vinyl wall coverings, canvas prints, framed prints, and posters. New technologies for displaying and hanging these prints are making customizing and personalizing consumers photos, images, text, and graphics easier. Tools and devices like removable adhesive backing, tile assembly kits, easy frame assembly are helping consumers set-up their own galleries. 50% of the commercial and photo lab printing establishments surveyed are predicting growth (29%) or strong growth (21%). Home Deco and interior design Wall Art segment is a fascinating market opportunity.

Today's homeowners are willing to create something unique and Mediaclip Product Personalization Platform Designer software makes it easy. Mediaclip user-friendly interface encourages designers and consumers to be creative with their photos, text, and graphics rather than dealing and fighting with technology. Mediaclip customers have access to an extensive library of resources and content including professionally designed and a wide range of graphic elements. Further Mediaclip solutions, developed by UX specialists, aim to provide a unique browsing experience and an incredible product rendering that breeds additional sales.

What's essential for your clients is that they can have their Wall Décor items made the way they want it. Today, there is an infinite array of personalized home decor items, ranging from wall hangings, wallpaper, posters, frame prints and canvas and even functional items, like shower curtains, blankets, pillows, and towels, that you can add to your product selection.

Without a doubt, personalized and customized wall decor are big feature categories for your Online webstores in 2023.

Mediaclip's solution

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Mediaclip's white-label platform solution offers a unique way to offer personalized Wall Art and Home Decor products. With the help of Mediaclip's Partners and Fulfillment Network, you can easily research, find and add the right products and partners to boost your Home Décor product offering. Our white-label platform solution allows you to customize Wall Art and Home Decor product categories according to your customer's creative needs, providing them with a truly unique experience. Furthermore, this solution also ensures that your customers get their orders quickly and efficiently, as it is also integrated with Mediaclip's fulfillment network.