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Online Calendar Personalization: Why and How to promote in early January

November 16, 2023  Michel Lacaille

With each New Year's beginning arises the same ritual for many households and offices: new "getting back in shape" programs, new Hockey and Dance schedules, resetting of work schedules, modifying habits, resetting appointment books, etc. Creating printed work planners or calendars to hang on walls or keep on desks can help with task management and improve focus.

How big is the Calendaring marketplace?

The Global Wall Calendar market size was estimated to be conservatively worth USD 187.1 million in 2022 and was forecast to be valued at USD 228.6 million by 2028, a CAGR of 3.4%. 1

Many of our Online Retail customers will produce 15% to 20% of their annual wall calendar sales volume during the month of January.

A wall calendar is usually a type of large, often pin-up style magazine filled with pictures and monthly calendar graphics to assist in planning. Desktop calendars, agendas and other calendar tools were not factored in the reviewed data we found. Growth for the Wall Calendar product category is driven by new dynamics such as the demand for eco-friendly products. The Online Wall Calendar segment is projected to grow at the highest 5.8% CAGR over the forecast period 2028, at a faster rate than the overall Wall Calendar market.

Why promote online calendar personalization in the month of January

Printed calendars are still relevant. If most everyone is hooked to a mobile device these days and uses calendars attached to their phone, email and computers why are printed calendars still pertinent. Research shows that 78% of homes and almost all businesses use at least one printed paper calendar. Why? Printed Calendars, in particular Wall Calendars provide fewer distractions and leads to greater productivity than using an equivalent digital application.

In the month of January, there are several reasons why promoting your online calendar personalization category is beneficial.

  • In November and December , online calendars are often made to celebrate memories, past weddings or travels, and are offered to friends and families at Christmas.
  • At the start of a New Year , calendars are assembled for different sets of reasons. Firstly, the start of a New Year is a time when people often reflect on their goals and plans for the upcoming months. This includes organizing their schedules and ensuring they have a clear plan in place.
Retailer Hint. By promoting an online wall calendar for school planning, leisure planning, wedding & vacation plans and important health activities planning, you can tap into this heightened focus on organization with a valuable solution to individuals looking to stay on top of their commitments... don't forget you can also offer along valuable print promotions offers. Someone has to print those Christmas Holiday memories!

For consumers, January is typically associated with a fresh start and a renewed sense of motivation. The first few weeks of the month are a time for many to establish new routines or make positive changes in their lives.

Retailers Hint. It's important for you to reach out and advertise during the first few days of the month of January to promote and highlight your online calendar production services, BEFORE they buy a generic Wall Calendar.

By highlighting the benefits of using your online personalized calendar tool , you can position yourself as an essential service for achieving greater productivity, success, and balance in various areas such as school planning, leisure activities, and health management, with a touch of personalization to boot.

Retailer Hint. Promoting your online calendar personalization service in January allows you to capitalize on the increased demand that often accompanies this time of year.

Showcasing how your personalized calendar tool can simplify their daily routines, visualize planning efforts, and improve overall efficiency can be incredibly compelling.

Strategically, January is one of the ideal times to promote your online calendar personalization production services.

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