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Rise Above Research Estimates that 1.6 trillion Photos will be taken in 2023

January 25, 2023  Amani Sharma

Rise Above Research Estimates that 1.6 trillion Photos will be taken in 2023

The number of photos captured globally has continued to grow after a decline caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, with Rise Above Research estimating that 1.6 trillion photos will be taken in 2023. This represents a 7.5% increase over 2022 and growth is expected to continue, driven by the popularity of smartphones.

"Photography is more popular than ever when you consider the huge volumes of photos that are being taken every day. People are taking and sharing more photos than ever before in history and those numbers continue to rise, driven by smartphones and sharing via texting, social media, and email. Photos have become a primary means of communication." said David Haueter, Director & Founder of Rise Above Research.

As the number of photos taken continues to rise, so does the number of photos that are stored. Rise Above Research estimates that there will be close to 10 trillion photos stored worldwide in 2023 on handsets, the Cloud, and other storage media. 

For additional information or interview requests, visit our website or contact: David Haueter , Director and Founder at or 973-440-9109 .

What does it mean for Product Personalization using Mediaclip solutions? 

There are a lot of images available out there to keep the Personalized Products market healthy and dynamic. The historical estimate indicates 12.4 trillion photos have been taken, and of those, 700 to 759 billion images are estimated to be on the internet – that's just 6% of the total photos taken .

Most photos are not shared; the average user has around 2,100 photos on their smartphone . Excellent images are dormant in consumers' computers and drives.

Business-wise, the printing of Gifts, Calendars, Greeting Cards, Photobooks, and Home Decor is recession-proof. Consumers and customers everywhere understand how personalized products, services, and memories are heartfelt and will substitute mass consumerism for generic product purchases.

The future is exciting! The market dynamics are expanding.

Designing with images, graphics, and text has expanded beyond the old "passé" dedicated Apps and software and into AI-driven image processes. In just a few months, many consumers have adopted recently launched AI applications, like Dall-E 2 , to create personalized images. These images are tremendous and can easily be inserted into projects via the Mediaclip Product Personalization Creator Suite.

Data about Ai personalization is just starting to show how much personalization is at the root of our consumer needs and behavior changes. Ai technology is an exciting new enabler .