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Why should you create and assemble an online personalized calendar?

January 12, 2024  Amani Sharma

At the start of the New Year, households and workplaces engage in familiar routines: adopting new diets, starting a new fitness program, scheduling activities such as field hockey or dance classes, setting up new work habits, printing diaries or work calendars for easy access , facilitating focus.

In an age of smartphones, one might think the days of paper calendars are numbered, but data suggest otherwise. Although people use different digital and printed devices simultaneously to keep track of their activities, we found that 78%*2 of homes and almost all businesses use at least one printed paper calendar. Why? Calendars, in particular Wall Calendars provide an easy way to see at a glance what is going on without having to log and access the tiny screen on your phone... and visualizing together on a large Wall Calendar is so much more efficient. (Right kids! 😊) 

Printed Calendars provide fewer distractions and lead to greater productivity than using an equivalent digital application .

We found that the marketplace for Wall Calendars appears to be well researched

The Global Wall Calendar market was valued at USD 187.1 million in 2022, expected to reach USD 228.6 million by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 3.4%*. This analysis focuses on wall calendars for wall placement, excluding desktop calendars and agendas.

Market segments include Factory Direct Sales (45% estimated), Retail Store offerings (33% estimated), and Online sales (22%). However, no specific breakdown is available for Online sales between Personalized and Regular Style calendars.

Growth drivers include the demand for eco-friendly products and the shift towards electronic calendars. The Online Wall Calendar market anticipates the highest projected CAGR of approximately 5.8%.

Why promote online calendar personalization in the month of January

January may not be everyone's favorite (definitely not mine!) but as the New Year begins, it symbolizes change, renewal, and planning.

Despite our reliance on digital calendars attached to phones, emails and computers, printed calendars still remain relevant. 

Promoting your online calendar customization category in January holds several benefits.

During November and December , online calendars often celebrate memories, weddings, and travels, making them popular gifts during Christmas. However, in the New Year , calendars serve a different purpose. It's a time for reflection, goal setting, and organizing schedules. January signifies a fresh start and renewed motivation, prompting people to establish new routines and make positive changes.

Encouraging the creation of online wall calendars for school, leisure, weddings, vacations, and more taps into this heightened focus on organization. These personalized tools simplify daily routines, aid in planning, and enhance schedule efficiency.

Strategically, January is the ideal time to create personalized online calendars for friends and family.

*1 growth-insights-and-forecasts-to-2028-119-report-pages


The history of calendars dates back to ancient times...

Where various methods were devised to track days, often tied to lunar cycles. Originally, "calendar" comes from "kalendae", denoting the first day of the Roman month.

To learn more about the history of Wall Calendars in the Stone Age and what does it have to do with today's Online Calendar Personalization.

Calendars serve cultural and practical purposes, linked to astronomy and agriculture. Even in the Stone Age, they played a role.

Today's Online Calendar Personalization tools are a modern evolution. Originally, March was the first month in the Roman calendar, with January and February added later to fill gaps in the ten-month year. January, marked after the winter solstice, became the new start of the year, significant for financial and administrative purposes.

In the 21st century, calendars remain omnipresent, with 95% of households having printed versions. Online Personalized Calendars are a contemporary favorite, enabling families, friends, and businesses to plan events, share moments, and personalize with photos, dates, text, and clipart using platforms like Mediaclip.

5 reasons why you should be keeping a Personalized Wall Calendar

5 reasons why you should be keeping a Personalized Wall Calendar

1. Plan your time

With so many things going on, you may wonder when you'll have time for yourself. A calendar comes in handy when you notice your free times and mark in times in your week to devote to your well-being.

2. Track deadlines

Avoid surprises by planning your hobbies and family activities in advance, tackling each task before it's too late.

3. Keep the family informed

As a parent, you want your family to stay in the loop of what's going on. With a Wall Calendar, your loved ones when events are happening. A wall calendar is an open communication tool helping your family stay on the same page. Literally.

4. Reduce anxiety

Classes. Thrips Vacations. Assignments. Family events. Athletic games. Work functions. Volunteer sessions. Special occasions. Home improvement lists. There is a wide variety of things going on. 

Having to remember every detail can elevate your stress. Recording due dates, task reminders and special events on a Wall Calendar reduces the chances of forgetting something, it is written down...but don't forget to look.

5. See availability quickly

A calendar allows you to see quickly when you are free and when you have commitments. Planning events or other special occasions becomes easier.

Calendar personalization tips 

  • Use color codes for different schedules (work, home, school)
  • Place your Wall Calendar in a visible spot
  • Keep a pen close for quick notes

Creating an Online Personalized Calendar is easy with a minimum of 13 images for each month. Customize events and upload images to feature friends and special occasions. A well-maintained calendar eases the stress of managing a busy schedule."

An Online Personalized Calendar is easy to make. You need a minimum of 13 images to personalize each month of the year. Then, the software will let you write in every monthly calendar, events (birthday, wedding, vacation, concerts, sports events, graduation) 

You can upload images in every calendar date to feature friends and family or special events. Maintaining an accurate calendar will help you both ease the overwhelming feeling of balancing a schedule.

In summary, as the New Year unfolds, printed calendars continue to hold significance despite our digital age, offering an efficient way to organize schedules. The Wall Calendar market shows promising growth. January, symbolizing fresh starts and motivation, presents an opportune moment for personalized online calendars. These tools simplify routines, aid planning, and enhance schedule efficiency. Online Personalized Calendars , a contemporary favorite, empower families, friends, and businesses to plan, share moments, and personalize their calendars with ease using platforms like Mediaclip.