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Calendar trends in 2023

May 2, 2023  Amani Sharma
Calendar trends in 2023

There are thousands of personalized calendars.
Big ones, small ones, the ones you hang on your wall or the ones you put on your desk.

To stand out from the crowd, there is nothing like offering your customers the possibility of creating a unique calendar. Having a personalized calendar that you can totally create to your image fascinates many customers nowadays. With a personalized calendar, getting organized has never been so fun and easy.

Why will your personalized calendars be the trendiest?

Everyone uses calendars to keep track of important dates and events; and because calendars are useful they will be on display. The main advantages of creating your own personalized photo calendar is that you can not only display your favorite photos but make your calendars a real must-have. A wedding is planned!

Is your son or daughter graduating? Do you have amazing Halloween trick-or-treat photos of your kids? You just came back from a unique "nature" expedition or you have a great vacation travelogue?

Create a calendar that reflects you, your memories, your family. Browsing through your photo albums is enjoyable. Don't be surprised how many subjects and memories flow back, if you check your phone's digital images library. There are more than enough images there to create a great photo calendar. And, as a bonus, it's fun to reminisce about good times with friends or family.

With today's technology, you can create a calendar in many forms, various formats and even shapes.
A personalized calendar is a great way to let your clients imagination run wild. Whether customers decide to create their own calendar or give it to a loved one, the pleasure of designing it is the same.

Personalized calendars are the perfect gift idea

In addition to having the ability to add and remove events that are standard on calendars, like Halloween, Christmas Day or Canada Day, you can also include photos and texts to underline your own special events, like birthdays and anniversaries, and even add photos to these particular dates.

People love to add personalized messages, especially if they want to surprise loved ones... and, we know, they are the number one, best gift idea for grandparents at Christmas.

Why MediaClip software platform and Mediaclip Designer are the best for Calendar ?

MediaClip software platform

The Mediaclip software platform is flexible, full of features, easy to use, and intuitive. Our library of products, formats and styles offers a large selection of themes and templates for making calendars. Plus, for your clients, creating, assembling a calendar with the Mediaclip Designer is foolproof. Using the Designer software interface, customers can personalize, edit, and check their project prior to ordering.

For the more advanced, Mediaclip even offers a "Create your own" option for the boldest. Users can add their photos, graphics and art, edit them, make collages, include text, change background patterns, use clip arts and more.

Finally, customers can not only create, edit and view beautiful personalized photo products from any device, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop, they can also edit from any of these devices if they want online.

It gives them the ability to create their own aesthetic calendar. Landscape, vertical, monthly, weekly, with photos, themed, whatever option they choose, they and their family will fall in love with their new calendar.