We Are Mediaclip

Mediaclip is the premier developer of white-label software for the creation of a wide range of personalized products. We enable printers, retailers and content owners to deliver a rich user experience that increases sales and customer loyalty. Our solutions are currently integrated into hundreds of websites worldwide.

Our Software

Our flexible open architecture solution can be integrated into an existing e-commerce solution, hosted by you or by us. On the front-end, Mediaclip HTML5 Designer allows customers to create any personalized product instantly, on any device. It provides an amazing user experience with a simple user interface and a powerful set of tools.

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Reach Anyone Anywhere

With Mediaclip, your customers can create, edit and view beautiful personalized photo products on any device, like smartphones, tablets, laptops, online and kiosks. Furthermore, customers can begin a project on one device and complete it on another.

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Allow Access to Photos From Any Source

Our open architecture allows you to support photo upload from any source you choose, whether it is from social media like Facebook, cloud-based services like Dropbox, or your own photo storage system.






And More


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Create Your Own Content

Differentiate yourself from the competition by offering your own products and designs. Whether you are a designer, a developer or someone with no specific computer graphics skills, we have the right tool to help you create and to deploy quality content fast.

Photoshop® Extension

Our plug-in allows designers to export Photoshop® templates to Mediaclip Designer with ease. It is simple to use and integrates seamlessly into the existing workflow of computer graphics professionals.

* Requires Photoshop CS6 or CC 14.0

Mediaclip Smart Designs

Smart Designs

Designers and developers can create layouts automatically adjusting to any format. With our Smart Design technology, a design can be created for one product and it will work for all other products regardless of size.

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Offer Any Photo Product

Our software can handle the personalization of any type of product. You can offer traditional products such as photobooks and calendars, but you can also reach way beyond these by adding unique photo products like smartphone cases or split canvases.

Discover how easy it is to port your products to our software

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Stunning Photorealistic Previews

Wow Your Customers!

Upon completing a project, users are presented with a spectacular 3D preview of their personalized product. This customer experience provides much more confidence in moving forward to making a purchase, thus increasing project completion and conversion rates.

Mediaclip Personalized Photo Canvas


Our rendering engine can generate instant previews of additional products for your customers with the photo collage they created. These previews can be displayed in the shopping cart or included in promotional emails to generate even more sales.

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Benefit from Profit Accelerators

Collaboration and Project Sharing

Multiple customers can create products and share projects on social networks. Users can also share a copy of their project with any of their friends, who can then edit and order their own personal version. An effective way to promote your brand and introduce your business to new customers.

Mediaclip Photo Product Sharing and Collaboration
Mediaclip Software User Experience

Delightful User Experience

We believe a well thought user experience is a key element to the success of your e-commerce business. This is why we developed Mediaclip Designer with state-of-the-art ergonomics, making product personalization truly enjoyable and incredibly simple.

Extensive Content Library

Mediaclip provides a large set of professionally crafted designs for several product categories. This means your site can go live fast with a rich product offering, even if you don’t have your own designs.

Mediaclip Extensive Photo Product Library

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Highly Flexible

Our open architecture allows you to fully customize the user experience. Choose the connectivity and look and feel of your fully branded solution, enable and disable user features, control the level of personalization of your designs, and much more.

User Interface Skinning

With our white-label solution, you can easily customize the user interface using CSS. Promote your own brand by changing the color scheme, the font set, and more.

Mediaclip Third-Party Software Integration

Third-Party Integration

Our software has the ability to integrate with the leading third-party software and services, from photo filters, social media plug-ins and maps to stock images, barcodes and even back-end production utilities. Mediaclip can always accommodate your specific requirements.

Fully Scalable

Our clients—some of the largest retailers and printers in the world—support millions of orders in the peak season. Our stateless front-end servers and back-end infrastructure are designed to be load-balanced to address your scaling needs.

Mediaclip Scalable Software Architecture
Mediaclip Flexible Business Model

Flexible Business Model

Your marketing strategy is unique, and your business model should be as well. Mediaclip can tailor a model that is right for you. Contact one of our experts to find the best option for your business.