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Graduation yearbook, invitation and photobook: Including graduation day in your yearly product offering

June 15, 2023  Amani Sharma

Graduation is a special time in a student’s life when they must leave behind the memories of their school days and move on to the next stage. To commemorate this important milestone, it is essential for students to record, photograph, assemble their memories and their entire graduation in a yearbook and other mementos. This is an important tradition that allows students to remember all the friends, teachers and important events who have been part of their journey.

Furthermore, Graduation parties are a special time not only for celebrating the accomplishments of students who have completed their studies, it is a time to come together and celebrate with friends and family, making formal memories that will last a lifetime. From the ballroom dresses to the men’s suit graduation attire, these garments help elevate youth into manhood and womanhood, signifying an important step towards adulthood. Graduation is a milestone event; it is a celebration of the achievements made during one’s academic journey. 

Help students and sometimes parents make a yearbook project  (whether it is a graduation themed photo book or photo album) is simple and most importantly creatively rewarding. Mediaclip Designer software platform allows parents and students to create amazing personalized yearbooks and more. 

So, let creativity speak.

Students and parents want to participate, create, and recall events inserted in the high school yearbook, because they know these will be kept and cherished forever. They love to be creative and build something unique. It may start with the shape of the book and assembling a unique cover style. But personalizing a yearbook goes beyond format, colors, fonts, text and much more!

It is crucial for the School Yearbook and the parents’ special graduation book to assemble photos, portraits, classroom images, group pictures, teachers’ photographs, special graphics, essay’s cover, sports events, dances, and many other patchwork memories.

Students are full of creativity and memories. They want the opportunity to assemble the best possible graduation yearbook, rapidly, efficiently as they will not have much time to spend on these, since the graduation event is soon, exams are around the corner and much is left to plan for the graduation after party.

·   They want quick access to the photos in their computer on their phones, on social media and elsewhere..

·   They need to share and assemble common memories, together, with friends and family.

·   They want a flexible project-based environment to complete, together, the photobook personalisation as they need to come in and out of the project yearbook as they assemble it, together.

·   They want something simple, sturdy, easy to use with templates, tools, and a sharing interface. 

Mediaclip Designer offers the right software platform to support creative ideas.

Using Mediaclip software, students and parents can collect and assemble interactive yearbooks, images and contents from all their graduation eras. Elements from their elementary school, high school, and college, as well as high school and university days. 

Mediaclip Photobook Designer drag-and-drop editor makes accessing and compiling the graduation project easy. 

Using Mediaclip Designer interface, one can import images, photos, graphics, text from many sources, including most social media platforms and even make Ai generated images to insert in the photobook if saved as a Jpeg. Most of all, the designer software can add text, graphics, clip art, quotes of their choice, so they, and only they, can decide “What” “Who” and the “Wow.” 

Feel free to check out our many photobook (yearbook) customization options on our demo website.