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The Power of Personalized Photo Calendars for Meaningful Gifting and Revenue Growth

August 24, 2023  Amani Sharma

Crafting Lasting Memories with Personalized Photo Calendars

In today’s fast-paced world, managing time and memories with personalized photo calendars is still a sought-after home planning asset.

Making personalized photo calendars is a fun and helpful tool that can help grow your revenues, and lead consumers to make more prints and gifting products.

One of the key behaviors that will help you grow sales and revenues is when consumers are assembling a personalized calendar, they focus on finding at leaset their top 13 images. They review their mobile photo accounts, extend the search to their desktop and online storage, look through shared social media content, and even reach out for some of their “best of” archived photos.

Planning a photo calendar often starts the planning process for the gifting seasons ahead. Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Summer and Winter vacations, Travels, Graduations, Weddings, Births are all highly emotional drivers that can benefit your enterprise.

Don’t hesitate to promote calendars now and through October.

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Quick themes you may want to use for creating blogs on your website.

  • How can I design a wall calendar with my own photos?
    • Mediaclip offers a customizable how-to video (See below). You can add your logo to the video.
    • Include a written step-by-step, with screenshots, for customers to refer to while they’re creating their calendar (See below)
  • Popular themes for personalized photo wall calendars
    • We offer… (list of the type of calendar offered on your site)Showcase a few best-selling templates
    • Calendars start at (insert your starting price) and give examples of starting, mid-range, and high-end content for your shoppers
  • Can I add special dates and events to a personalized planning calendar?
    • You can edit the full how-to video to show the steps in creating personalized events on the calendar grid.
    • Include a written step-by-step, with screenshots, for customers to refer to while they’re creating their calendar

Making a Photo Calendar

Many Online Photo websites and Mediaclip customers and retailers offer an Online Personalized Product Designer platform featuring a collection of professionally designed photo calendar models and calendar templates. Those are ready-made layouts that any consumer can customize, save, and have printed and assembled professionally.

Assembling a photo calendar using Mediaclip Designer:
A How-To Video

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Assembling a photo calendar using Mediaclip Designer:
A Step-by-Step Guide.

1. Select your calendar style and template.

2. Assemble your photos and graphics and upload.

Creativity Tips:
i. Locate your photos from your devices or archive collection or use a scanner to make older images or your (grand)kids’ art into digital assets.
ii. Prepare Your Photos. You can use our Picsart and Perfectly Clear by EyeQ filters to improve your images.

iii. Don’t worry Mediaclip, has an image tool that will advise you if the quality is not sufficient … after their AI enhancement process has tried to upgrade your image.

3. Create a quick list of the events you want to list on the calendar.
i. Important dates can be marked with text or images on each calendar grid page

4. Preview your project, and make any final changes you desire.

5. Add your Personalized Photo Calendar to Cart!

In conclusion, personalized photo calendars make for thoughtful gifts. Gifted for birthdays, holidays or other special occasions, calendars grant a genuine way to share and partake in building lasting memories. With Mediaclip, you can enable your shoppers to assemble a calendar to demonstrate how much they care considering the time and effort required to curate something truly meaningful.